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Saturday, July 26, 2008


New Ugobe Lifeforms Next Year (2009)!

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Gizmodo UK has a short but very interesting interview with Steve Bannerman, a new arrival to Ugobe's powerhouse marketing team. In it he talks about the 55,000 Pleos now out in the wild, the Pleo Reincarnation program I mentioned in a previous post, and most importantly officially states that:
"Next year we will bring out additional life-forms. I can't say which right now but the new lifeforms don't necessarily have to be for purely entertainment purposes."
He also indicates that Ugobe wants to get more software out there for us Pleo owners to enjoy and explore. Bannerman was a bigwig marketing type over at Apple where he worked on Quicktime TV and headed up the launch of Apple's online media streaming business. Read the interview if you get the chance and here's to an exciting 2009 where new Ugobe critters will roam the Earth!

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I think it's great that UGobe is expanding this technology but when in the blazes are they going to make Pleo avaialble to purchase for Canadians??? I am stronly losing my desire to own one now and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Oooh, another lifeform. What could it be? Hope the Pleos view them as safe and friendly ;-O
This time around I hope the new lifeforms will be tested, marketed better, and released on time. The price of Pleo also intimidated a lot of potential buyers for as we all remember Pleo was supposed to be $200. Hopefully, the new lifeforms will not all have hefty price tags.
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