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Monday, July 07, 2008


Pleo Reincarnation Program

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Ugobe has instituted a new program aimed at softening the blow of the
loss of a Pleo after the 90 day warranty period. They call it the
the Pleo Reincarnation Program. If you find that your Pleo has
developed a critical problem after the 90 day warranty period,
you can exchange your Pleo for another one at a significantly reduced price. The
intriguing part of the program is that Ugobe technicians will "extract" the personality of your Pleo and carry it over to your new Pleo; effectively porting his or her digital soul into a new shell. This is straight out of several science fiction stories I read as a kid about humans evolving to the point that they inhabited robot bodies. Eerie but cool.

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This is wonderful news! Thanks, Ugobe!
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