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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Pleo World Videos Of Note (and Hilarity)!

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Although I'm somewhat swamped with real life projects at the moment, I just had to stop and share with you some of the Pleo videos I have found on the web. If any of you have favorites of your own, post a comment with a link to it and I'll take a look.

First up. Pleo goes on a mini-vacation. In this video, Pleo World member Siren and family go to Universal Studios in Florida with their new pet Pleo named Crusoe. Crusoe and her daughter appear to inseparable and become the hit of the famous tourist attraction with both staff and other attendees. After you watch this video, read her plog (Pleo Blog) for more fun and heartwarming stories about Crusoe.

Next up is Pleo World member Caahl's Crazy Helge. Crazy Helge sports a flashy new blonde wig and has the quirky behavior to match. In this video, Caahl places Crazy Helge in front of a plasma ball to see what would happen. Apparently it sent Crazy Helge into a trance as if he were channeling the spirit of some long lost Camarasaurus. You can follow Crazy Helge's exploits on his plog. Here's the plasma ball video:

And finally, here's one of those "right-place, right time" videos we all hope to capture on tape. In this video made by Pleo World member jillrdu, her border collie Penny has a spat with her Pleo named Cody. No harm is done, but the timing is perfect and results in a funny example of what happens when baby dino meets hungry collie. You can read more on Jill's blog "Still Life with Serpent".

I have tons more to tell you about but I've got to get back to it; especially some hilarious notes on my Digger's nuttiness (he inherited it from me). One embarrassing note. It concerns The Plunchkins video I made and talked about in my last blog post. For fun, I put a poll at the top of the Pleo World forum post I made about the video, asking people who they thought did the actual passing of gas during the video. I listed my 3 Pleos Digger, Claire, and Pendragon as possible choices. Strictly for fairness, I included myself as a choice since I was in the room filming at the time. Never did I dream that everyone would vote me as the likely gaseous culprit as I walked away with a whopping 75% of the vote! Lesson learned. Never compete with an adorable blue-eyed baby dinosaur!

Until next time, wishing you many happy dino days and delights, Robert.

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