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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Pleo First Hatch Editions

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Important news for those of you who signed up for Ugobe's update newsletter. Check your E-mail for a one time offer from Ugobe. They are making 2000 "First Hatch" Limited edition Pleos available to the people mailing list. In that E-mail is a code that you can only use once for a maximum of 2 Pleos. These Pleos will come with a special gold First Hatch identity card and will arrive nearly two weeks ahead of other orders. This offer is on a first come, first serve basis until midnight PST June 27th or when all 2,000 of the limited edition "First Hatch" Pleos are sold. Orders are place at the Ugobe online store but to get the offer you must have your coupon code handy.

Ugobe formally announced the start of Pleo preorders today and the launch of Pleo World, their official user support web site. I'll be following this post up very soon with a more detailed one so you will be getting two E-mails from me today if you are on my mailing list.

This is a post about , 's
How are we supposed to get the cupon codes?
Just ordered my 2...woohoo!
@billy, congratulations on getting twins!

@mike, if you were signed up to Ugobe's update mailing list. You should have already received an E-mail with the coupon code a few days ago.
I have received 3 emails from you since June 15, but none with coupon. I have been signed into your email list for a number of months.

Not from me, from Ugobe. This is why I urged all of you to sign up for their E-mail update list on several occasions, like in this post:
I did sign up for Ugobe's update mailing list the day you told us to. I got no e-mails with a code. I already ordered one from Ugobe for my son, but knew nothing about the code. Now what?

Read this post I just made, it will tell you what to do:

No coupon?
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