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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Pleo Preorder - What to do if you didn't get your coupon code.

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I have heard from several of you who did sign up for Ugobe's update list, that you did not get your coupon code. I asked Ugobe about this and they said you should send them a note on their contact page on Pleo World, explaining your situation. I have already heard from people that used the contact page that they did indeed get a coupon code from Ugobe.

This is a post about , 's
j ai bien reçu le mon numéro de code ,malheureusement j habite la Belgique quel tristesse ,
J ai envoyer un mail a UGOBE pour savoir si il pouvais faire quelque chose pour mois et mon fils je croise les doigt.
Bonne journée ,

Hello, J received to it my number of code, unfortunately J lives Belgium which sadness, J have to send an email has UGOBE to know if it could do something for month and my son I cross the finger. Good day, Marc
A lot of people are getting confused as to weather or not they will be getting a "New Hatch" edition. The confusion is because of Ugobe's numbering system.
The first editions are limited to 2000 and your confirmation number has nothing to do with the 2000 units. They should have used a different numbering convention OR made the confirmation number coincide with the first 2000 units.

They way you know if you've made it into the first 2000 is by applying your "code";
When you've placed your pre-order, you will be taken to a confirmation page. If that page reads "Special Edition First Hatch" where it says "Coupon Applied", then it's confirmed.
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