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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Pleo Celebrity Sightings at the 15th Annual "Kids For Kids" Celebrity Carnival

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[UPDATE: 10-2-2008] There are a bunch of great Pleo photos from the Carnival on Flickr; a lot more than the 3 I list in this blog post. Visit this Flickr page to see them. ]

Pleo was sighted recently at the 15th Annual Elizabeth Glaser "Kids For Kids" Celebrity Carnival, a benefit held for pediatric AIDS victims that is attended frequently by well known celebrities. Among the celebrities this year was Tyson Beckford (calm down ladies), who was said to be seen checking out Pleos that were roaming the event and enchanting attendees left and right. I couldn't find the pictures of Tyson Beckford with Pleo but there are several other pictures of him with the kids in the Zimbio "Kids for Kids" picture set. I did find a few pictures of actors Sebastian Stan and Leighton Meester hamming it up for the camera with a stunningly attired Pleo who seemed to be loving the celebrity attention. I have included links to the pictures below. Check them and the other Carnival photos out. They're really fun!:

Sebastian Stan laughing with Pleo

Sebastian Stan providing support while Leighton Meester feeds Pleo

This is *not* a Pleo photo despite erroneous reports it is
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