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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Help Save Pleo From Being Fed To The Dogs!

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Recently I came across Tails Of The City, a very lovely blog about pets and their owners in the Bay Area, or in blog author Amelia Glynn's own words:

"Welcome to Tails of the City: A menagerie of stories about Bay Area pets and the people who love them."

She had begun a series of posts named The Pleo Diaries which talked about her experiences with a Pleo she named Baby Nathaniel. I enjoyed reading her posts about her family's stories of discovery and wonder at what our plucky, little, green, cuddly hero could do. That is until I came across this post. Ironically, the post begins with a very funny story about how Nathaniel was mistaken for a turtle by conductors on the train she was riding. But at the end she has this worrisome note about Nathaniel's overall future:

"Maybe I'm just not enough of a tech geek, but I have a hard time understanding why an adult would want a pet dinosaur. Real pets are, hands down, more fun. (Plus they're soft and tend to be better cuddlers.) And although I can see how a Pleo could help teach kids how to handle and care for a pet, the same could be done with a live dog or cat, with more parental supervision of course. Could this be who Pleo is really for: parents of kids who want a pet but who don't have the time or deep-seated desire to take care of one? I'm clearly still stumped.

If there are any Pleo parents out there who'd like to weigh in, I'd love to hear from you."

What she doesn't say but clearly implies if you read between the seemingly impartial lines of her recent Pleo Diaries posts, is that if Baby Nathaniel doesn't impress her sufficiently she will feed him to the dogs! I offer as proof the disturbing photo to the left. The furry executioner you see in the photos belonging to this post is none other than Walt the baby dino eater. Walt comes from a long line of baby dino diners who were bred to help control the dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex population that was plaguing the Bay Area back in 1971. You may not have read or seen about this because that was a very smoggy year in the Bay Area and all you could see of the rampaging Rex population were their feet. But the army of trained baby dino hunters were brought in and very quickly eliminated the Rex population by mercilessly consuming the Rex babies along with a tablespoon of salt and a chew bone.

Please visit her blog and comment on her post about Pleo and her final feelings on him. Let her know why we love Pleo so much and open her heart to the idea of letting little Nathaniel live! She loves pets so somewhere inside her there most be a spark of mercy for our little baby Camarasaurus!

[Note: the photos on this page are copyright Amelia Glynn and were used with her permission.]

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