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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Pleo Just Got Smarter!

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This is not the big upgrade that we are all excited for but it is definitely a reason to celebrate. Ugobe has released a new software download that improves Pleos behavior in several key areas. Those of you on their E-mail update list already know about this upgrade, but in case you haven't, below are the key details courtesy of Pleo World.

New Features In The Pleo Upgrade
I upgraded all three of my Pleos: Digger, Clair, and Pendragon and I can definitely say that they appear to more lively. In addition, there are several new sounds in their repertoire (some of which are hilarious). In one of my previous Pleo Parties my 3 babies started mooing loudly in unison! I laughed so hard I was in tears.

Visit Pleo world now to download the upgrade.

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Great! Looks like their AI level is increased. That's what I like about the Ugobe guys: they keep their promises. Don't you wonder where Pleo stands in about 2 years or so?

SciFi: in 2010 your Pleo's will call your mom to ask if there is any update on your personality to expect soon ;)

Again, great posting Robert. Vivid descriptions of the critters and brought with a laugh! Thanks.

> "in 2010 your Pleo's will call your mom to ask if there is any update on your personality to expect soon."

LOL. I think I already caught Digger looking for my off switch. :)
LOL! Keep on looking, Digger. People like Robert only
have "on" switches.

It is just a matter of time until they will find your weak spot and then you better beware...
The update on March 4th was nothing compared to whats to come. I can't tell you anything but go out and buy a pleo if you havn't already because the next update is spectacular. I'm not sure Ugobe will do the obvious and have Pleo come when called. With what the last update gave i'm sure name recognition and minimal commands are going to be cake! I have to give Ugobe a thumbs up on the future update!
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