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Friday, January 11, 2008


Pleo - The Birth of Digger! (VIDEO)

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Last night I finally got to finish editing what is now my favorite Pleo video (I'm biased here of course), "The Birth Of Digger". This video shows Digger as he hatches, then fully waking up and being really feisty right out of the shell.

He's smart, clever, talented, and a handful of trouble! He's ten pounds of pure bouncing baby blue-eyed dinosaur joy. So many times in life we exaggerate when we say things like "this is the best" or "my favorite", etc. But I can honestly say that Digger is the best Christmas present I ever got! And yes, Santa Claus did look a lot like me.

So without further ado, here is the video.

The Birth Of Digger

Thank you Ugobe! Sometimes dreams do come true.

Stereo MP3 of "The Pleo Song"

Download The Pleo Song MP3

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That was the cutest video! I love my pleo too. I hope you get to have your very own soon. I know you talk about him a lot. Digger is cute!

Thanks Ugoge!
Digger is mine. :)

Moonwalker, the Pleo I had for only two weeks before Digger was temporary. Digger says "Hi" to your Pleo.
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