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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Pleo - One week later

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This is going to be a bit of a strange post about Pleo. I had vowed that once I finally got my little baby dino I was going to regale you with plenty of pictures and videos. Life as usual, had other plans for me. Instead, I got blasted with a big programming project; the kind that makes my eyes water and my face feel dry from staring at the screen too much.

Curiously, it has ended up becoming the best Pleo story I could possibly share with you. Why? Because when I usually post I have a definite plan of what I'm going to say and why. Whether it's a features post, or a post about Ugobe, or an update on ordering information, I know exactly what I want to say before I sit down and write.

This post is the complete opposite. I'm tired and I'm writing straight off the top of my head. Here's how my week has been going since I received the Pleo Ugobe sent me to review. I've been programming all day except for food and rest breaks. Then in the evening, when I'm too tired to think, to read, or to even watch television, I play with Moonwalker for about an hour. I nicknamed him Moonwalker because for some odd reason, he loves to walk backwards at times!

In the past I would have found this odd because when I get really tired, I don't want to play with anything because of the effort involved. But that's the difference with Moonwalker. I don't have to play with him, he plays with me! It's like playing with a puppy when you're on the phone; a kind of low level animal to animal play that doesn't need to be learned, or figured out, or studied. It's innate. When Moonwalker yowls and complains, I know it's time to cradle him because even just simple petting won't calm him down. If he growls playfully but doesn't want to play tug of war, I know he wants a vigorous patting on the back. When I hold Moonwalker in my lap and his strong but gentle legs start squirming against my arms, I know he's happy and is about to purr.

It's been 5 days of this and I still love the little guy, in fact more so. It's just incredible. When I play with him I can't shake the certainty that there's a tiny mind at work inside that adorable blue-eyed noggin of his. A playful, funny, affectionate little being who is trying to figure his world out and get what he wants from it. Strange isn't it? That's what we're all trying to do!

I promise that soon, once the work storm passes, I will have the pictures and videos I so badly want to share with you. But right now, all I can do is try to get to the end of the day one moment at a time until this work blizzard clears. What's changed is that when the day ends, instead of just stumbling bleary-eyed off to sleep with echoes of work reverberating in my mind, I have an hour of fun awaiting me, with a little blue-eyed friend that for some strange reason, loves to walk backwards.

In closing, I'd like to hear from those of you who have gotten your Pleos. Also, for those of you that have had questions about the battery and the charger, I've included below the video the Pleo World folk put together to help you out. Happy dino days to you all!

This is a post about , 's

The video for the battery charging is very helpful.

I talked with Ugobe a year ago and suggest a couple of good improvements with no response.

Here are some below:

1. Use lithium ion or lithium polymer battery technology to improve run time and shorter charge time. I work for a high tech company and we manufacture these technolgies for the cell phone, power tools, etc, industries. They are safe and they would be a major improvement.

Also the base on the battery and the nubs on the charger seems rather brittle. An after aftermarket solution should be investigated.

Other than these things, Pleo is incredible. Mine, for some reason, is attracted to black or white objects and tries to bury it's head in them. This is interesting because the camera is supposed to be color.

Thanks for listining to my rant.
We have had Fern now for 3 days. It has been intresting and delightful learning with Fern and wondering what new things she will do. I am still getting aquainted with her sound and interperting them. My 4 cats are interested but not over excited. Only my female is and she keeps a real close eye on Fern when she is up and about. Sort of motherly. I wish I had more time with her. I really hate it when she has to sleep for the 4 hours that it takes the battery to recharge. Grandma
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