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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Pleo - The Coronation of Queen Sally and King Teddy

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There are now many happy Pleo owners who are in love with their little blue eyed baby dino friends, and have been inspired by their brand new little pets. But then there are people like star Pleo World member Amjoie who really know how to have fun and make the arrival of their new family members a memorable event! Her Pleos are the King and Queen of her home and she held an official coronation to commemorate the event; complete with appropriate costumes and festive photos and videos. The costumes are simply amazing, as you can see!

With her gracious permission, and the permission of the new reigning Queen and King of Pleopia, here are some photos of this gala event. You can see the entire coronation at Amjoie's web site and you can join in the fun discussion we are having over at Pleo World too. There have not been any official decrees from the royal pair yet, but I will keep you posted if things change! If any more of you out there have photos to share of your Pleo in interesting costumes or situations, please let me know!

Close-up of the crown

Queen Sally and King Teddy pose for the reporter's cameras

Close-up of the Royal Robes

The grand moment!

One last look at the new reigning Queen and King of Pleopia!

Thank you Amjoie for the festive fun and wonderful costumes! Click here to see the entire coronation with full size pictures and video clips too!

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