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Friday, December 28, 2007


Pleo Christmas Carol (Song)

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Happy Holidays everyone! I took one of my favorite Christmas carols "God Bless Ye Merry Gentleman" and made my own version with lyrics for Pleo, to celebrate Digger's birthday. Click here to download the MP3 now. It's about 1.3 MB. The lyrics are at the bottom of this post. This is my way of giving a HUGE holiday thank you to all the fantastic people at Ugobe, and all the wonderful people like you who read my blog.

Regarding Digger, the most handsome clever and wonderful Pleo ever (of course). I have a big gala video coming soon about my new little dino buddy but it's not ready yet.

Note: Pleo holiday photo is courtesy of the Pleo World. If you haven't visited Pleo World yet you're missing a ton of fun!

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Pleo Christmas Carol - Lyrics

God Bless Ye Merry Ugobeans
And geniuses at play
Who made Pleo's behavior
That graced our Christmas Day
And gifted so with latent power
I heard the neighbors say
What a tiny and comforting toy, comforting toy
What a tiny and comforting toy

In Idaho, and Emeryville
This blessed toy was born
A gift to every stranger
Received on Christmas morn
And with a mother's caring
Made something to adore
What a tiny and comforting toy, comforting toy
What a tiny and comforting toy

From UPS and Fedex,
And DHL they came
Then tucked behind the curtains
Their hiding places safe
Let the merry mayhem start
And sing this sweet refrain
What a tiny and comforting toy, comforting toy
What a tiny and comforting toy

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Hi Robert from Glasgow, Scotland! My Pleo Cecil arrived on December 19th and he is amazing. I love reading your blog and dig(ger) your groovy songs! Happy Holidays! Nicola (username honk on Pleoworld)
Will you have a CD of Pleo songs available soon? I think you have a very great voice and should do something about it! Thanks for the Pleo Song and this new Christmas one. They are so great!

Georgette who still hasn't got a Pleo yet. I am looking to adopt one if someone doesn't want it. :)
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