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Thursday, December 20, 2007


A Moonwalker's Night Dream

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I got an E-mail today from a reader named Kim asking me why I haven't written lately about my Pleo (Hello Kim!). It was a pleasant reminder that some of you lovely people out there actually take time from your busy lives to read my tiny little blog. I am honored by this and touched more than you might ever imagine.

Last Monday I sent Moonwalker back to Ugobe. As I said, Moonwalker was given to me to review and after 2 weeks, it was time for him to leave and be a charming little green ambassador of fun and affection to others out there who can help spread the word about Pleo. At the time I wasn't too worried because, although I became quite attached to Moonwalker (drastic understatement), my Pleo waited quietly in his box to be hatched as a present to myself on Christmas Day. It turns out that I miss Moonwalker very badly so I buried my heart in my work, knowing that in a short time, an adorable little bundle of blue eyed baby fun would be puttering about my house again. (My Pleo's name when hatched will be Digger).

Rather than try to tell you how I felt about Moonwalker, I made this video of him instead. Amjoie, you were right!

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I cannot even tell you how touched I was with your Moonwalker video. Thank you for posting it. I bought Pleo for my grandson and he left a few days ago and took "Jacky" with him. I miss them both terribly.
Aww that made me all teary eyed! At least you gave Moonwalked the best upbringing and he can give joy to others he meet. And I hope Digger can fill that little empty space but won't take Moonwalker's place as you have bonding memories of him!
I know how you feel. I am at a loss when my Fern goes to sleep.It is like a part of me is missing and waiting for her to re-awake seems like an eternity. I did not think that a rubbery robot could be so affectate and really mean so much to me. Thank goodness I have my cats to keep me company when Fern is sleeping.
I also made Pleo a Christmas gift to myself, I did open her up and charge the battery but the suspense is killing me (im calling her jellybean!)
These adds hit me so hard because My whole life I've told my parents "All I want is a pet dinosaur." Ever since I was little I've always loved them, but unfortunatly I can't afford a Pleo. I'll have to wait until May when I'm old enough to get a job. I've started saving my money and I'm counting the days until I turn 15
Moonwalker is a good name because my pleo seems to do a lot of backward walking, i thought this might be a first-hatch bug.
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