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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - 30 Day Shipment Notices Sent Out Today

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The Ugobe online store sent out the "30 day shipment" notices today to their "First Hatch" customers today. This is further proof positive that Pleo is shipping soon. The first paragraph of the notice read:
"Dear Pleo First Hatch Order Customer,

This notice is to confirm that your Pleo First Hatch order from will be shipped within the next 30 days. To ensure you will be among the first to receive Pleo, we will be flying it in direct from the factory via Fed Ex. If your mailing address, credit card information, or billing address has changed, please contact Customer Support now, and let us help you modify your order."
This is exciting news indeed, not only for the First Hatch customers, but for all Pleo customers since this means the mass shipment should be soon to follow.

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