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Thursday, November 22, 2007


First Hatch Pleos By December 10, Free Upgrade To Fedex Shipping

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The Ugobe store sent out an E-mail today telling Pleo First Hatch owners that they should receive their Pleos by December 10 this year. In addition, they are upgrading all orders to Fedex delivery free of charge. Here's the relevant quote from the E-mail:
"The full amount for your order number ### will be charged to your credit card on November 27, and we expect all First Hatch Pleos to arrive in their new homes before December 10.
You have been waiting so patiently for Pleo, and for that we are very grateful. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we will be express shipping every First Hatch order from the factory via FedEx directly to First Hatch homes. This upgrade is complimentary; everyone will be charged the standard shipping fee and receive express shipping."
This is great news and I'm really looking forward to my First Hatch Pleo! In fact, I'm singing The Pleo Song all over again.

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