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Friday, October 26, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - My Favorite Pleo Video Yet!

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Ugobe and ShiftComm have graciously allowed me to post their webisode videos to YouTube, so I can now share them with you directly. The video below is my runaway favorite in the series called "Behind The Scenes : The Making Of Pleo". If you really want to see just how enchanting Pleo is and how he is destined to take over the world by sheer cuddly force, then watch this video.

A mass of people in an unsuspecting Idaho town were surprised to find the streets peppered with tiny green adorable baby dinosaurs eager to meet and greet. Watch as people find it impossible to keep their hands from petting the blue eyed stealer of hearts, and listen to them gasp in surprise, ooh and aah, and baby talk Pleo in this 90 second video. It's a professional video and also the best example yet that Pleo is a pet, an artificial life form, and not just a toy.

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