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Monday, October 01, 2007


New Pleo Video - Baby's first steps!

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A truly fortunate YouTube videographer captured an excellent quality video of Pleo and Pleo's very first steps at SAAG 2007 (Sacramento Area Aibo Gathering). SAAG is a user group devoted to the Sony AIBO, one of the most advanced robot dogs that appeared on the consumer robot scene. This means that the members of the user's group are devotees to a highly capable sensor rich and programmable robot, the AIBO.

YouTube user ellysdoghouse captures our favorite blue eyed baby dino taking his very first baby steps ever. Since it was a newborn Pleo, Pleo he was a bit shy and timid. It is interesting to hear the Ugobe representative warn people not to pet him too much to avoid spoiling him. The sighs from the SAAG user members are quite audible as Pleo bats his big blue eyes and blinks for the camera; despite the fact that Pleo was low on battery at the time of the taping. During Pleo's first walk you can see Dogma, Elly's custom painted, big, green AIBO robot dog standing guard on the left.

Click here to see a beautiful high quality picture of Pleo in his packaging, with the box open. It's the first message in the forum thread in that link.

Here's my video from my meeting with Ugobe in Eagle, Idaho last April:

And of course, the superb quality video from Ugobe's official user community site, Pleo World:

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