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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Video : Pleo meets the public! - Webisode 5

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The fifth and newest video in the Ugobe "Behind The Scenes" series is up on Pleo World now. In this Webisode we get to see Pleo interacting with people on a busy street in the city. They pet and play with Pleo and are generally astonished by the adorable baby dinosaur brought to life by Ugobe. The best scene by far is of a young woman cradling Pleo in her arms like a baby and saying loudly "Look how cute!", although the short footage of a dog interacting with Pleo is huge fun too.

The newest face in the video is that of Tyler Wilson, Ugobe's Software Manager. He introduces the term "Life O/S", which refers to the operating system that forms the open architecture at the heart of Pleo. This architecture or platform will allow all of us to add to the Pleo experience by doing things such as creating our own sounds and behaviors for Pleo. Caleb Chung, Ugobe co-founder and inventor, uses the famous story of the soldiers that come to a town and make
"Stone Soup" as a way to illustrate this concept. He makes the intriguing statement:
"What better way to evolve a life form than to open the architecture to all of you."
Chief Technology Officer John Sosoka is in the video too of course, and talks about how Pleo's internal emotions or drives will affect how she reacts to you. For example, if Pleo is hungry when you scratch her chin she may reject the touch and mewl for food. If she is happy, she might playfully wag her tail instead. It is wonderful to know that despite the fact Pleo will be amazing right from the start when she reaches your home, the baby dinosaur made real will get even more fun and interesting as time goes by. Click here to watch the video now.

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