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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Pleo - New Webisode : "John Sosoka and The Science Of Collboration"

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The newest episode or Webisode of Ugobe's video series, "The Making Of Pleo", has just been posted on the Pleo World web site. Titled "John Sosoka and The Science Of Colloboration", it shows John and several other core Ugobe development team members making magic in the Ugobe Labs. Starring in order of appearance:
It's a peek into a modern day wonderland with many Pleo's dotting the labs landscape in the background of the video; while the Ugobeans pridefully describe the amazing technologies involved in making Pleo's personality and body. There is one scene which I hope will someday be explained where Pleo appears to have a muzzle on him, shaped in the form of a red cord or rubber band, at the 1 minute and 49 second mark into the video. Did Pleo say something naughty or eat one of the chips on the table? In any case, here's another tasty video morsel to tide us over as we await delivery of our very own Pleos.

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