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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur - Laughter Begins At Home!

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I came across this photograph of Ugobe CEO Bob Christopher and inventor and co-founder Caleb Chung hamming it up for the camera with Pleo. Here's the two of them with an early Pleo prototype pretending that Pleo is a lot hungrier than he or she should be! It just goes to show you that Pleo's playful and comical spirit starts at home. Ugobe's home that is. Click on the photograph to see it full screen. This photograph was taken when they made a Pleo related announcement at a news conference in Taipei in December of 2006.

Note: Pleo is not capable of really biting anyone; just a friendly and playful finger nibble at most. Also, the Pleo shown is a very old Pleo, before they gave Pleo beautiful new skin, eyes, and body contours.

-- from Keye Chang - (?)

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