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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Pleo World's Wonderful Pleo Video Now On YouTube

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Ugobe in their usual wonderful style sent me the main video that you see when you visit Pleo World, their official user community site, so I could post it on YouTube and share it with others. This videos is flat out great! Unlike all the other amateur videos you may have seen of Pleo, this was obviously done by a professional studio. It is super clean and the audio is excellent.

You'll see Pleo in performing adorable movements you have never seen before and you'll even get to see two Pleos nuzzling! If you haven't visited Pleo World yet, do it now. You'll have tons of fun reading all the new and detailed information they've added and the forums are chock full of fun people and interesting discussions. There's even a forum member named mweed who has made a comic strips of Pleo and amjoie who has posted designs for Pleo jewelry.

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