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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Pleo at Hammacher Schlemmer : Lifetime Guarantee (product)

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Hammacher Schlemmer, the specialty shop that has been in business for 159 years, is now taking orders for Pleo. They have a guarantee that they refer to as their "rather famous" Lifetime Guarantee. When I first read about this I wondered if that guarantee applied to Pleo, since he's such a complex little critter with lots of moving parts. So I decided to call their refunds and returns department and ask that question directly.

The lady I spoke to told me that by Lifetime they mean the life of the product not the owner. But I was still impressed by what she said next. She told me that Electronics products like Pleo are guaranteed for approximately 9 to 10 years. Just to be certain, I asked her point blank that if I buy a Pleo today and want to return it 9 to 10 years from now, will I be able to? She said yes and added that she had been with Hammacher Schlemmer for over 12 years. What is even more interesting is that as of now, they also have the lowest price on Pleo. To read more and see the latest prices on Pleo head over to the Pleo Buyer's page on my web site.

If anyone out there has had any experiences with Hammacher Schlemmer please post a comment on this blog post; especially if it has to do with a return or refund transaction.

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