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Friday, August 03, 2007


New Pleo Video! Behind The Scenes : The Making Of Pleo

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Ugobe appears to have begun a series of Webisodes to prepare us for Pleo's release this October 2007. The first episode is a fun new video showing a short evolution of Pleo and it is called "Behind The Scenes : The Making Of Pleo". It's about 3 minutes in length and it lets us see one of the newer prototypes of Pleo performing for the camera. After that, inventor and Ugobe co-founder Caleb Chung and their illustrious CEO Bob Christopher also give us a behind the scenes glimpse into the making of Pleo; including video footage of an early Pleo prototype without the skin and a newer Pleo protoype in that same embarrassing state of undress. This video is a prelude to another video due out on August 17, 2007 which will give us a tour of Ugobe's offices.

Below is the video courtesy of Pleo World, Ugobe's Official community site. If you haven't been there in a while I strongly recommend you visit and look at the extensive FAQ's and other documents they have now show on Pleo and their increasingly busy forums:

Video courtesy of Ugobe's Pleo World

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