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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Engadget Loves Pleo! - Fresh New Photos Too

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The folks at power gadget site Engadget had a chance to see Pleo up close and personal and in their latest post they definitely love him (or her)! There isn't much new information in the post but here's my favorite quote from it:
"Well we finally got a little face time with this sensor-laden blast from the past, and we're happy to report that the frustrating delays our Jurassic pal has suffered seem to be well worth it, as the model we saw behaved and performed almost flawlessly."
They also have some terrific high quality photos of our favorite baby dino in their new picture gallery. This is good news indeed because Engadget does not pull any punches if they find something unfavorable about a product!

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Hah, that video engadget posted was great. Saw they mentioned 11/1 as the release date though. Thought ugobe said Oct. Was hoping maybe to get my 2 in late Sept since us early adpoter get them two weeks early =).
Hey - looks like he's manhandling little Pleo a bit in that one photo. Be careful with the little guy! I was traumatized for life when my mom held me over the sink as a young child. Doesn't he know that Pleo has emotions?

That guy at engadget holding poor little Pleo upside-down by his tail should be smacked! Are there dos and donts on handling Pleo? This is definitey a no-no. I fear for all the Pleo's who will get abused especially by young children and pets especially dogs. Pleo owners should have a license and sign an agreement that they will take good care of it. I think of Pleo as a living thing!
I think you linked the photo gallery 2 times.
The first link should be
Thanks! Fixed the links to the Engadget post itself.
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