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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Interview with Ugobe's Bob Christopher

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Keith Shaw of Network World interviewed Bob Christopher, Ugobe's illustrious CEO. The 18 minute interview is chock full of interesting information about Pleo and Ugobe; including the trials and tribulations of creating the first adorable artificial life form. Bob goes into detail about Pleo's operating system and technology and how Pleo's architecture will faciliate the creation of fun new enhancements to Pleo in the way of new body movements, behaviors, and sounds. As an example of an interesting Ugobe company note that I didn't know about, Bob Christopher mentions that some of the top level talent at Ugobe came from Apple Computer, Inc.

My favorite quote by Bob which he attributes to Apple Computer's co-founder and marketing genius, Steve Jobs:
"If you wanna know how to make good software, learn how to make your own hardware".
Note: Watch your speakers. Clicking on the link goes to a page that plays the interview automatically. You can also download an MP3 of the interview for your iPod or other offline listening device.

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