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Friday, June 08, 2007


Reminder : Where To Find More Pleo Information, Pictures, and Video

finger rightPictures, Videos, and more Information on Pleo.
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Just a reminder to let you know where you can find a wealth of Pleo information, pictures, and video. On my site RobotsRule, there is a section dedicated to Ugobe and Pleo with complete galleries of pictures, videos, and Ugobe company information. You can also check for any change in Pleo pricing information and availablility. However, if you are a subscriber to this blog then you will be notified when anything happens in those two areas. You can suscribe to get E-mail alerts to this blog using the subcription box at the top.

If you are hungry to get to know Pleo better, just drop by and watch some videos or browse some photos. I have put a permanent link to the site section in the Links section of my blog (left hand column), so any time you want to check for updates you can just follow that link. Leave any comments, or especially suggestions you have for other content you would like to see in that site section, as a comment on this blog.

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