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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My New Favorite Pleo Photo

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Photo courtesy of and copyright 2007, askelad

This photo was taken by David Calkins, founder of the famous Robogames robot competitions, at a recent AAAS show (American Association for the Advancement of Science). This is the reaction that Pleo brings out in people; note the big smile on the lucky woman cradling Pleo in her arms. As usual Pleo's big blue eyes steal the scene and it is definitely one of the most heartwarming Pleo photos I've come across in recent times. Notice how soft and cuddly Pleo's new skin looks. Click on the photo to visit the photo page for additional information.

It's just a little something to tide you over as we enter the waiting period before Pleo becomes available. No news as yet, but rest assured I will post the instant I do have any news on Pleo's availability.

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Awww man, that photo is cool! And yes Pleo has taken on even more of a cuddly-soft look! "GREAT JOB UGOBE"!!
I can't wait until the release date is set. I'll really have to start my Pleo-fund :)
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