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Monday, June 11, 2007


CNN Money says Pleo dinosaur will be a huge hit

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Chris Taylor at CNN Money just wrote a feature piece on Pleo and predicts that our favorite baby dino is going to be a huge hit. In the article he calls Pleo "surprisingly realistic" and says:
"Its personality is so complex that Chung says it'll take years for each individual dino to come into its own."
I recommend you read this article. My favorite part is the tantalizing paragraph near the end where Chris mentions that Ugobe is raising an additional 10 million dollars:

" develop the half-dozen designs Chung has up his sleeve, including robots that could crawl the earth long after Pleo has gone extinct."
I can't wait to see those new creatures! The future's so bright, Pleo's gotta wear shades! (ZZ Top)

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