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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Sneak Peek at Pleo's Packaging!

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Ugobe has just sent me an Email with some very exciting news. First, as you can see below they have created the packaging for Pleo and it's as sleek and beautiful as the little green dino himself.
Pleo Box
Image courtesy of Ugobe, Inc.

Second, they have listened to your concerns and Pleo's battery is now replaceable. So after a few years of living with and loving your baby buddy, Pleo goes on even if his rechargeable battery dies.

Finally the most exciting news. Pleo is getting close to shipping.

From the E-mail here are Ugobe founder and inventor Caleb Chung's own words:

"The photos on the box are nearly life size and are designed to convey the wonderful range of expression and organic movement of which Pleo is capable. I also want to relate the very latest news: based on feedback from you, the community, Pleo’s battery will be both rechargeable and replaceable."

"The process has been a challenging one but we are getting really close to bringing Pleo to market."

The wait will be even harder now but the clock is ticking and it won't be long before many of us have our own Pleos to play with. I strongly suggest that you sign up for the Ugobe E-mail newsletter to be made aware of any special offerings relating to Pleo. I'd of course like you to sign up to my newsletter as well if you haven't done so already. Look for the sign up box at the top of this page. For detailed information about Pleo, pictures, videos, and more visit my Pleo information directory or the Ugobe web site.

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Coincidently, I was Googling for new info on Pleo when I got my email update...can't wait!

Thank you for the info. i cannot wait until it comes out. it should be one of the best products of the year. From what you told us about your visit, pleo sounds great. hopefully it will be less than 1 month to go
Even the box looks awesome. Thanks for the update! I've been waiting for Pleo for a very, very long time. It's great to hear that she's about ready to be born.
'she' ? Yours will be a female, so :)
I've read all about the pre-order date being moved from February, but I have yet to read about a new pre-order date! Is there one? Can you order pleos yet?
No, nobody can order it now.
You will get a information, if you are a member of the newletter-group of ugobe. You can sign in there.
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