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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Pleo Dinosaur Undressed!

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I know it's been quiet on this blog as we all hold our breath for Pleo's arrival. In the meantime, the good people at Robot magazine, a genuine glossy magazine for robot lovers, have made one of their Pleo articles available online for free.

This article is not just a features blurb or product update, it's an interview with Caleb Chung, Bob Christopher, and John Sosoka of Ugobe and is packed with several high detail photos; including a terrific screenshot of the Pleo behavior modification utility. It's a more technical article than most and therefore has several fascinating notes about Pleo's ability to learn and other features.

Enjoy the article! If you like what you see and have an interest in robotics, subscribe to the magazine. I recommend it.

Warning: this article contains pictures of the Pleo dinosaur without any clothes on! Many wires and gears are visible!

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