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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Pleo Contest and Other Updates

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Pleo unfortunately has been delayed again. The last pre-order date of February 3rd has been moved to sometime later in spring. Ugobe knows how much Pleo means to all of us and because of that, they will be holding a contest to give away 10 of the blue eyed baby dinos to those of us that have been faithfully standing by. Before I go into the contest in greater detail, and tell you about some other very cool Pleo news updates, make sure you are on Ugobe's mailing list by February 3rd. Visit their E-mail updates sign-up page now and get on the list.

Contest Details

To enter the contest you must be on their mailing list (see above). Then check the Ugobe web site on February 3rd to see if the contest entry page is live. You'll be asked to submit a 250 word essay answering the question "How do you envision robotic life forms influencing or touching your life in the next five years?" Ugobe will only accept the first 500 submissions so make sure you watch the contest entry page and enter as soon as it's ready to go. The 10 best submissions will receive a free Pleo with a personal note from Caleb Chung himself!

New Pleo features
I'm right along side you in feeling saddened by the delay, but Ugobe obviously intends to keep its promise in delivering a cuddly adorable baby dino we can truly love; even if the delivery date has slipped again. Remember, Caleb Chung is the guy who delivered the amazing Furby which 40 million people fell in love with, and Pleo is the magical dream he is committed to sharing with you in full living technicolor. I'm as confident as ever in Pleo and Ugobe, but I know I'm not alone when I say "Hurry Up Ugobe!".

Ugobe's PR company ShiftComm was kind enough to send me some new Pleo pictures to share with you. I warn you in advance that looking at them will make the wait only harder; but it's worth it!

Until next time...

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unfortunately, we didn't get the information about the essay contest in time. i didn't receive the email until today, feb. 3. but thanks anyway for keeping me in touch. i would have entered the essay contest for sure!!! i know you have a lot on your plate, but, if at all possible, could you send that kind of information in time. it just makes it that much harder to have to wait now for a pleo when we could have written an essay and maybe have won! but, really, thanks, for all the other heads-up!

Today is February 2nd and I only recently got the information. The contest has not even begun yet so watch Ugobe's web site carefully tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 3rd) and good luck!


Thanks for all your diligence in keeping us all informed about what's up with Pleo. I've been a subscriber for some time and look forward to getting updates. It's great having someone digging around for info as much as you do.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!
I checked the Ugobe Website and it said that the dead line for the essay is March 3rd.
lu bu,

That is true, but remember, they are only accepting the first 500 submissions to the contest.
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