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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Wired Magazine Article and Update On Pleo Pre-Release Date

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The January 2007 issue of Wired magazine has a wonderful article on Ugobe, Caleb Chung, and Pleo. If you're not a subscriber, I strongly suggest you run out and get this latest issue from a local book store or magazine stand.

It's an entertaining and well written article that not only talks about Pleo, but gives insight as to how Caleb's background as a comedian, mime, and Hollywood stunt man had a direct powerful impact on Pleo's breathtakingly real body movements. On more than one occasion the author, Clive Thompson, talks about Caleb's amazing ability to pantomime the movements of different animals and even popular robots. This ability and Caleb's strong belief in "emotion through motion" have resulted in a baby dinosaur that makes Clive state right at the top of the article:

"You are so going to want one!"

The important news update given by the article is that "Ugobe will begin taking pre-orders for the Pleo on its web site on February 3, 2007". As I mentioned in my last post, Ugobe's public relations firm Shiftcomm was told me that the latest release date for Pleo is the second quarter of next year.

The following is additional information given to me in a user comment on a previous blog post by degers (thank you degers):

"There was actually a mistake in the press coverage you read that mentioned that 12/24 online pre-order date. We will start taking pre-orders in Q1 2007 (exact date TBD). The pre-orders will only be for the U.S. at the beginning but we plan to role Pleo out to the U.K. before the end of 2007. You can sign up for Pleo updates to be kept in the loop on more info through this URL:"

This is a post about , 's
Bonjours Pas de chance pour l'Europe
(Belgique) apr�s quelques mois d'attente j'esp�rais et croyait le commander pour mon fils et moi pour noel. Nous avons appris qu'il avait �t� report� au mois de mars le petit Pleo est maintenant fin 2007!! quel d�ception mai peut-�tre avec de la chance nous pourrons le commander au usa .
PS une bonne ann�e � tous.Marc

I hope you are successful in getting one by ordering through a U.S. company. That will be a long wait indeed.

[The following was a translation of the above text via Google Translate. My apologies if the translation is awkward.]

J'espère que vous êtes réussi en obtenant un par la commande par un société américain. Ce sera une longue attente en effet.
hey roschler i live in the UK, you kight not remember me, but i was around on the robosapien boards before roboraptor came out, but I want one in the UK ASAP, any ideas?

Of course I remember you! I know how you feel. I can't get a Robosapien RS Media in the U.S. yet. You'll probably have to order from an American retailer and pay the shipping. The other option is wait until you can get one on eBay, and probably afte the prices come down.

If I get any other ideas I'll let you know.
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