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This section contains a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to using the Robosapien Dance Machine software.

Why doesnít my Robosapien move when I play a Script?

Here are the most common reasons:

  • Your robot has fallen asleep.  Click the Wake Up button to wake him (or her) up.
  • You donít have an infrared transmitter or transceiverIf you are getting a warning when you run the software that it did not detect a suitable infrared device, then you do not have one installed or it is not installed properly.  Visit our support forum for more information.

    If you do have an infrared device attached to your computer, then watch the LED (little red light) on the front of the unit while a Script is playing in
    Loop mode. If you donít see the LED flashing, then there is a problem with the unit or itís installation.  Visit our support forum for more information.
  • Your robotís batteries are dead.  Try getting your robot to move by using the included remote control. Make sure your remote control has working batteries. The LED at the top of the remote control should flash whenever you press a button on it. If not, replace the remoteís batteries and try again. If your robot still does not move, try replacing itís batteries. If none of this works, then your robot may be damaged. Visit our support forum for more information.
  • Your robot is bored with you - try reading out loud from an electronics catalog or showing your robot pictures of other robots.

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