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The Main Menu

Letís get familiar with the main parts of the Robosapien Dance Machine main screen. Click here to see the main screen with a small Script in the Work Area.  Now letís take the main screen apart, piece by piece, and examine each of itís parts.

Figure 1, The Main Menu

In the upper left hand corner of the main screen below the window title, is the Main Menu.  Clicking on one of the choices in the Main Menu brings down a list of items.

Here is an explanation of the main menu items:

File - The File menu choice contains the following items:

  • New - This will clear the Script currently in the Work Area giving you a fresh clean area for Script creation
  • Load - Load an existing Script file from your hard drive
  • Save - Save the Script you are currently working on to your hard drive
  • Exit - Shuts down the program

Help - The Help menu choice contains various menu items that will give you information on how to run the program, how to get technical support, frequently asked questions and other helpful tips and tricks.

Click Here To Learn About Command Groups


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