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The Button Panel

At the bottom of the Main Screen is the Button Panel, shown in Figure 6 below. The Button Panel has buttons that give you fast access to important functions in the software. Each button is explained below.

Figure 6,
The Button Panel

Here is what each button does:

  • PLAY - Click this button to play your Script. When clicked, it changes to a STOP button which you can use to stop your Script.
  • LOOP - This is a check box.  Click it to change it from checked to unchecked or from unchecked to checked.  If LOOP is checked, then when you hit PLAY your script will repeat endlessly until you hit the STOP button.  If it is not checked then your Script will play once, from start to finish and then STOP by itself.
  • Wake Up - Your Robosapien robot goes to sleep after several minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.  When it is sleeping, it will not respond to your Script.  A quick click of this button brings your robot back to life.
  • Reset - The Reset button sends a reset command to your robot. This is useful for putting your robot into a known position before playing your script.
  • Mode Status Indicator - In the lower left hand corner of the Main Screen beneath the PLAY/STOP button, is the mode status indicator.  When you are playing a Script it will flash the word PLAYING in red to let you know a Script is in progress. Otherwise it shows the word IDLE in blue.

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