Transferred Scripts

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Transferred Scripts

Scripts that are transferred from Robosapien Dance Machine may behave markedly differently once they are running directly on the robot.  The biggest changes are:

  • The scripts will be truncated to the maximum number of commands the robot can have in the program memory location that is the destination of your script transfer.
  • You can not activate the script using a voice command.  Voice commands only work when the script is run on your computer, not directly on the robot.
  • Timing information may be lost.  If you adjusted any of the timing delays for any of the commands in your script, those adjustments are lost when the script is transferred to your robot.

    Also, except for the Robosapien V2, any WAIT commands in your script will be lost.  In the case of the V2, the time delay that you set for the WAIT command will adjusted to the nearest multiple of 3 seconds, since the V2 only supports WAIT times that are 3 seconds long.

Details on program memory bank sizes limitations:

The robot's current limitations on the number of commands or steps in a script are therefore also still in effect. Those limitations are, by robot:

Robosapien V1 - 14 steps for the main program location, 6 steps for the sound triggered location, and 6 steps for the vision triggered memory location.

Robosapien V2 - 20 steps for the Master program location,20 steps for the Sonic triggered location, and 20 steps for the Vision triggered memory location.

Robopet - 20 steps for the main program location. NOTE: support for the Robopet's program location is not confirmed now due to problems with the Robopet obeying! Check back later.

Roboraptor - None. The Roboraptor does not have any program locations.

NOTE: Remember, this only applies to scripts that run directly on the robot. Scripts running on the PC can be pretty much as long as you want them to be, and can all be controlled by voice. The limitations noted above only apply to scripts transferred to the robot. The benefits of transferring scripts to your robot is that he has not tethered to your PC if your PC can not be carried around like a laptop PC.

If you have a laptop then of course you can move about with your robot. But, even then, sometimes it's just hilarious to put a funny script into your robot and then stand them all alone in a room in Guard mode, waiting to trigger your script on an unsuspecting family member or pet!


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