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The Robosapien Dance Machine is a drag and drop based design environment for building Robosapien command scripts. By pointing and clicking you choose the commands you want to add to your script, change the structure of your script, and delete parts of your script. You can save your script to your hard drive, load existing scripts from your hard drive, play scripts, and much more. General Tip: hover your mouse over almost any object on the Main Screen to get a quick hint on what that object does.


Here are a few terms you need to be familiar with when using the software:

  • Script - A series of Robosapien commands strung together making a performance
  • Work Area - the area on the main screen where you create and edit your Scripts.
  • Command Wait Time - The amount of time a script will wait after executing a particular command, before executing the next command. Each command has itís own Command Wait Time associated with it.
  • Command Block - One Robosapien command which is represented by a single block in the Work Area


The best way to get familiar with the software is to learn the basic parts of the main screen, and then go through some of the tutorial guides which show you how to perform certain basic operations. Donít worry! The software is extremely easy to use.

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