Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a list of the most commonly asked questions about Robosapien Dance Machine. It is also your guide to finding out how to do something with the software and where to find that function.  The FAQ is broken into several categories:


Q. How do I switch robots?

From the main menu bar on the top of the Workspace screen, click on Configure and then click on Select Robot.

Q. What infrared transmitters are supported by the software?

Check the supported devices page to see which transmitters are available. Remember to check the web version of the help for an updates.

Q. How do I upload a script I have created to The Bank Of Personality?

From the main menu at the top of the Workspace area, choose the option that says Transfer and follow the directions on that screen.

Q. How do I download a script from The Bank Of Personality?

From the main menu at the top of the Workspace area, choose the option that says Transfer and follow the directions on that screen.


Q. When I try to calibrate the microphone with my Robopet robot, I canít get him to sit still!  What should I do?

The Robopet dog is indeed a rambunctious and rebellious puppy. During calibration, use the STOP button to make him sit still, every time your robopuppy acts up.

Q. When I transfer a script to my robot, it doesnít work like I thought it would. Why is this?

Read the full page on transferred scripts to understand why this happens.

Q. Iím having trouble running scripts and transferring scripts with my Robosapien V2?

Try turning off his vision system. The Robosapien V2 sees by emitting infrared light to try and determine what is nearby and to avoid obstacles.  This infrared can interfere with infrared transmission devices like the one attached to your PC that is used by the software to control your robot and transfer scripts to the robot.

Q. Where can I get additional help?

Come to the EvoSapien forum and leave a question or search the forumís messages for help.

Q. I have a Lego Mindstorms Serial Tower, but the software is saying it can not  find a suitable infrared transmitter. What should I do?

The Lego Mindstorms Serial Tower needs an open COM port to function properly.  Even if you have your Lego Mindstorms Serial Tower connected to a COM port, there might be some software running on your system that has that COM port open and is therefore preventing it from being used by Robosapien Dance Machine.

For example, I have a Palm Pilot handheld computer.  It has a cradle that connects to my computer through a COM port.  The software that talks to the cradle, which runs automatically when I start my computer, opens the COM port making it unavailable for use by anyone else. Before I can use Robosapien Dance Machine I have to shut down that software so it releases its hold on the COM port.

Also, make sure the connecting cable is firmly attached to the back of your computer.  Another thing to try is to unplug the cable from the back of the Lego Serial Tower and reconnect.  Make sure the 9V battery in the Tower is fresh and if all else fails, visit the EvoSapien forum and ask for help.

Voice Control Interface

Donít forget to read the The Art Of Voice Activated Scripting tutorial to really get the most fun out of Robosapien Dance Machine and your robot!

Q. Can I choose the voice tag that I want for each of my scripts?

Yes. You can have any word or phrase that you want associated with any script that you have created, or with any of the built-in robot commands.  For example, you could have the phrase ďbad burritoĒ run a script you made that has the robot burp and then fart.  You could just as well choose ďWhat do you think of momís cooking?Ē as the voice tag that runs that script.

Q. Iím having trouble with the voice control interface recognizing the way I say some commands. How can I fix that?

Use the Voice Command editor to change the pronunciation of any word or phrase that is giving you problems. 

Q. Do you have any tips on choosing a good voice tag for my scripts?

Yes! The speech recognition software that listens to your voice is not nearly as smart as you at figuring out what you are trying to say.  Whenever you choose a voice tag for a script, choose one that sounds as different as possible from the voice tags you have created, and the voice commands used for the built-in robot commands.  That drastically reduces the likelihood that the voice control interface will confuse one voice tag with another.

For example, if you have a Robosapien V2 which has a built-in command called laugh, choosing the words bath, graph, and half would all be poor choices since they sound close to laugh.  If you had a script that you wanted to have the voice tag bath, you might try instead take a bath, get cleaned up, soap and water time as voice tags that significantly different than bath.


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