Glossary Of Terms

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Glossary Of Terms

This is a list of terms used in the Robosapien Dance Machine software.

Built-In Robot Command

A built-in robot command is a command that is directly part of the robot, as opposed to a script which contains one or more built-in commands.  For example, the fart command is a Robosapien V1 built-in command.

COM Port

A communication port that is based on the RS-232 serial interface communications protocol. They usually can be found by looking for a 9-pin male (DB-9) connector on the back of your computer.  Some older computers have 25 pin (DB-25) connectors.

Speech Recognition

The computer task of converting what someone says into text. That is, the art of taking the sounds of someone’s voice as they talk and recognizing what words they are actually saying, and delivering those words as text.

Voice Control interface

Robosapien Dance Machine’s speech recognition interface that translates our spoken commands into robot actions.

Voice Tag

A word or phrase that is assigned to a script so that whenever you say that word or phrase using the Voice Control interface, the tagged script is activated.
















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