Voice Control Overview

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Voice Control Overview

The Voice Control System can be broken down into two distinct modes:

  • Basic Commands
  • Voice Activated Scripts

Basic Commands - You can use your voice as a direct replacement for the Robosapien remote control.  Instead of having to remember which of the 21 different buttons to press, including how many times to press the SELECT button, you can simply tell your Robosapien robot to execute a particular command.

Voice Activated Scripts - the real magic of the program.  You can create your own voice commands, and have each voice command trigger a different script.  For example, you could create a script that has your robot do the following actions:

  • Walk forward
  • Roar
  • Burp

Then you could tell the software that whenever you say Say hello to my boss to play that script! By making just a few Voice Activated Scripts like this one, it is easy to create the illusion that your robot is really intelligent and has a mind of its own. It is a great way to entertain and impress your friends (and yourself).

Robosapien Dance Machine allows you to freely intermix the Basic Commands and Voice Activated Scripts modes, without any effort on your part.  Trust me, its a lot easier to do than to write about it.

NOTE: You attach a Voice Command to a script by entering it into the Voice Command edit box in the script Work Area.

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