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The Art Of Voice Activated Scripts

Here’s a quick little guide to maximizing your fun with Robosapien Dance Machine, through the use of Voice Activated Scripts.

I’m a bit of a ham.  In fact I know that any time I am tired of programming I have an instant career in the music business. I have first-hand knowledge that there are lot of well financed people in the music industry who will pay me not to sing!  Even so, there is nothing quite as fun as getting a laugh or a smile out of friend or a family member.  With this software and Voice Activated Scripts, you can become the family magician.  And you can do it without spending hours of time practicing difficult tricks or spending lots of money on props. Instead of creating illusions using tricks or angry rabid rabbits, you create the illusion of advanced intelligence and personality with your Robosapien robot.

NOTE: You can of course use Voice Activated Scripts for serious tasks like experimenting with your robot to do useful things around the house or lab; but that is not the focus of this mini-article.

Let’s get started.

Here are the main tools of a Robojockey.  A Robojockey is to a robot as a Disc Jockey (DJ) is to a turntable.  You are the the performer and he is your instrument.  Here are the main tools of a Robosapien Robojockey:

We will examine each of these techniques in turn.

Click here to learn about the “straight man/funny man” technique.


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