Straight Man Technique

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Straight Man Technique

A classic comedy routine is where one actor plays the straight man and the other plays the funny man.  The comedy duos of Abbot and Costello and Stan and Ollie are just two classic examples of the use of this comedy technique.

For you to use this technique, you play the straight man desperately trying to get your Robosapien robot to behave and obey your commands.  Your robot plays the funny man by disobeying your commands and generally doing the wrong thingFor example, you tell your robot to get along with other robots, he goes over and whacks them in the head.  You tell you robot to be quiet and do his homework, he burps or farts in your face.

The possibilities and gags are endless.  Now let’s delve into the individual techniques to pull it off.

Click here to learn about the the “Stop Listening To Me” command


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