Stop Listening Command

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The “Stop Listening” Command

Nothing gives the impression of a robot having a mind of it’s own then disobeying its owner!  The judicious use of the “Stop Listening” command is an excellent and easy way to make this happen.

Let’s look at a concrete example.

Figure 8,
A Sample “Stop Listening” Script

Here is a short script that is triggered every time you say “Hello!”  This script makes the robot step forward and then stop listening to you.  While he is ignoring you, he does the Bulldozer and then he Roars.

After that he starts listening to you again and then he Whistles.

The trick is to create dialogue that takes advantage of what the robot is doing, and whether or not he is ignoring you.  You want to create the illusion that there are emotional reasons for what he is doing, and that he is reacting to you and your emotions as well.  So what’s a good dialogue here?

Sample Dialogue

You say this

He does this


He walks forward and starts ignoring you.  Then he starts to do the bulldozer like an angry baby.

“Stop that right now”

He lifts his hands and roars at you disobediently!  Then he starts to listen to you again.

“Stop  that or I won’t buy you a female Robosapien!”

He stops and does the Whistle with the accompanying wolf whistle sound.

This is just a very simple example but it should give you a taste of the power of Voice Activated Scripts when combined with a little of your own creativity and imagination.

You could do even more advanced and amazing things by having other voice commands trigger completely different scripts! This creates an even more interesting level of expressiveness and interactivity!

NOTE: A little practice and the adjustment of some of the command block wait times is useful here. Also, there is a script called “ignore-test.rsm” that comes with the software. You can see it in the My Cmds tab when you are in the Voice Control interface. This is the “Stop Listening” script shown in Figure 8 above.

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