Edit Voice Commands

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Edit Voice Commands

There are two main reasons to edit voice commands:

  • To completely change a voice command into a different phrase that you like
  • To change the pronunciation of a voice command to suit you voice; whether it’s because you have an accent or any other reason.

When you click on the Edit Voice Commands option of on the Voice Control main menu bar, you will see the Edit Voice Commands screen. Follow the instructions at the top of the screen. They will tell you how to find the voice command you want to change.  Once you select a voice command for modification, you will be given the chance to test different pronunciations, until you find one that works for you.

For example, suppose you are having trouble with the “raise right arm” command, because you have a New Zealand accent.  You could try spelling the voice command “reese right arm” to see if that worked better. 

You can also quickly find and edit any of the voice commands that trigger Voice Activated Scripts.

NOTE: Note the text that is displayed in the voice control Command Groups area will not change. In the “raise right arm” example above, even if you change it to “reese right arm”, the button text will still say “raise right arm”. So if you changed it to something completely different such as “lift your left flipper”, you would have to remember that phrase since the button text will still say “raise right arm”.


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