Ignore Voice Input

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Ignore Voice Input

There is are two commands in the Special command group called Listen To Me and Stop Listening.  Let’s take a look at the Stop Listening command first.

When the script engine encounters a Stop Listening command in a script, your robot will no longer listen to you. It will keep ignoring you until a Listen To Me command block is found. You can also trigger either of these commands by saying “Stop Listening” or “Listen To Me” when you have voice control running. That is, you have clicked the LISTEN button.

Why would you ever want your robot to purposely ignore you?  For dramatic effect.  This is further explained in the “The Art of Voice Activated Scripts” page for more detail on using these commands.

While your robot is ignoring you the little blue Ignoring light on the Button Panel will flash to let you know he’s not listening.

NOTE: Even when your robot is ignoring you it will still respond to the “TERMINATE” command. This is useful when he’s about to walk off a table or eat one of your pets and you need to stop him quickly.  However, it is still your responsibility to catch him in case the “TERMINATE” command doesn’t work!


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