Sunday, November 20, 2005

Video - Voice Controlled Robopet

I have succeeded in adding support to Robosapien Dance Machine for the . I can now control it with my voice so I don't have to bang out complex combinations of keys on the remote. Using any of Mark Tilden's robots is a lot more fun when you can use just your voice. You are freed from the mental task of converting your intentions into commands on the remote and instead, can just bark commands at your robot instead as you see fit.

This means that I will be controlling the with my voice very soon and will of course make another video to demonstrate it. I'm really looking forward to voice enabling the Robosapien V2 because he has so many different movements I can control. That will allow me to build long voice controllable scripts making human/robot skits a breeze to pull off. Stay tuned and keep checking this blog.

The Robopet Video is a 3 minute long Windows Media format file and is 6 MB in size.

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