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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Roboreptile : Your Feedback Please

Those of you that are currently Roboreptile owners, please leave your responses using the blog's comment system. I would like to know from you how frequently you still play with your Roboreptile? What is your favorite feature? What would you like to see improved? Finally, if you are planning on getting any other WowWee robots, which ones?


This is a new blog post for the , 's new successor to the best-selling .

Not as often as I'd like; I kind of run out of hours in the day. Once every few weeks, maybe?

Favorite feature is probably the sensor-directed roaming, coupled with the sounds. I've only tried a little programming, but I like that bit too. Wish it could store a favorite...

Needing improvement: mine usually seems unable to walk a straight line, though sometimes it does fine. Got a second one for my son, and his shows a similar tendency. Roaming ends up being almost circular, and I need to use side-step corrections to have it go more than about ten feet forward. Not sure if it's a motor imbalance or if one foot drags more than the other, but it's a little annoying.

And in all likelihood I will cave to cheesy, shallow mass marketing pressure and buy a HomerSapien.

(thanks for asking; six months on and I still think the RoboReptile is a fine bit of work.)
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