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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Roboreptile Video - My New Roboreptile

I finally got my new Roboreptile last week! I put together an Roboreptile video that will show you what he looks like up close and some of the things he can do. He's a lot more agile and nimble than his predecessor, the Roboraptor. For very young kids, I think the gentler slower moving Roboraptor is a better fit. But the new Roboreptile is definetly a lot of fun and will be a big hit with older boys, such as myself! Have a look and then stop by the Roboreptile forum and leave your comments or questions.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Roboreptile Video - Updated Video & Manual Links

WowWee has completely redesigned their web site so it is all Flash based. Therefore, the last set of links I sent you for the video and online manual are no longer valid. To view their commercial video for the Roboreptile, you'll have to go to their site and click on the "Video & Downloads" button. Here is the new link to view the Roboreptile manual online.

I'll be getting mine this Thursday and I'll be making my own videos for you to watch. Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Roboreptile Video

You can now see the Official Roboreptile video on WowWee's web site. It's the commercial for the Roboreptile and it will give you an idea of how he looks and moves. Below are the links to the video and also a link to the manual. The manual will tell you exactly what functions and features the Roboreptile has as well as battery requirements. At this time, the Roboreptile is beginning to ship Internationally but not yet in the United States. For our International readers, there is a link below that shows you what countries are lucky enough to be receiving Roboreptiles right now:

If you get or have one please send me videos and pictures I can use. I am in the United States and have to wait at this point.

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