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Discovery Store Chromashift Roboreptile

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Roboreptile - Chromashift Color Changing Explained

Many of you have been curious about the Discovery Store Roboreptile's innovative Chromashift coating. Like a luxurious European sports car, this Roboreptile version has an impressive custom Italian paint job. The Chromashift technology allows the Roboreptile to appear different shades of color, based on the color of the object it is sitting or moving on due to the highly reflective nature of the paint. On a red couch he would appear more red or take on a copper overtone. On green surfaces he would appear more green, and so on. You can see the gorgeous Chromashift coating in the Roboreptile head shot below.

This makes the Chromashift Roboreptile not only an agile smart little robot, but a good looking one too!

Note: Last year the Discovery Store's exclusive Platinum Roboraptor, the Roboreptile's granddaddy, was their hottest selling robot for the holidays. Because of this, they went out of stock before the holiday season ended. If you had not bought one yet, you were out of luck. If you intend to get a Chromashift Roboreptile as a gift this holiday season, buy it now. Please don't email me this year if you miss out. I do not work for the Discovery Store and I have no control over their inventory.

Discovery Store Chromashift Roboreptile

This is a new blog post for the , 's new successor to the best-selling .

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