Monday, December 19, 2005

Robosapien V2 Vision Hacks - A Minor Note

More reports have been coming in about the white LED vision hack. This is the hack where you attach an inexpensive white LED lamp to the head of the , drawing off the power supply from the printed circuit board in his head (warranty killer). Apparently it's almost a perfect cure for the Robosapien V2's insatiable appetite for tons of light; in order for his vision recognition systems to work properly. I'm really surprised WowWee and Mark Tilden missed this one. They obviously care a great deal about their products and I don't think this is a case of trying to shave a few cents off the price of the Robosapien V2. A mystery.

Some people have tried using non-invasive safe hacks, like attaching a keychain LED to his head. I tried this and received improved results but not enough to warrant a full write-up. However, I and others have experienced one problem I will tell you about in case you try either the keychain LED or warranty killer head surgery hack. Be careful that you get an LED that is truly white. Many have a bluish tinge which causes the Robosapien V2 to recognize objects as blue when they are not, rendering your hack useless.

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